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The American dream of equality for all is still just that – a dream.

I See Color is a book that deals directly with the issue of race relations between Blacks and whites. It chronicles the white author's journey to educating himself on the issue of race through personal relationships, experiences and studies. It provides a blueprint needed for America to reach its final goal of equality between the races. It details common issues with white liberal thinking and provides both analysis and solutions to reduce the hidden, and often unconscious, racism therein.

As America continues to struggle with the issue of race, I See Color builds a bridge for white people to cross to help end this struggle. The book engages white readers on a personal, not scholarly or theoretical, level. It is a must read for white people who are sincere in their desire to improve race relations in this country.

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Why read I See Color?

  • To open your mind and do some serious soul-searching.

  • To truly learn in a more formal way about our failures to improve race relations followed by some solutions to lead us to success.

  • To become a better human being by seeing a more accurate picture of who we are and who we could be.

Who is I See Color for?

  • White people looking to understand their own racism.

  • White people who are confused about why race relations are stagnant.

  • White people who are self-reflective and want to raise their consciousness about race.

  • White people who want to educate themselves on the different roles and responsibilities for race relations between Blacks and whites.

University of New Haven's Bartels Hall

University of New Haven's Bartels Hall

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