Quotes from the Book

  • "It is the duty of whites to end racism." (Click to Tweet)

  • “The colorblind defense is noxious on two fronts. First, it’s a lie; of course we see color. We have and we always will.” (Click to Tweet)

  • "We're too well trained in our insensitivity. We've learned our blindness well. It's like breathing." (Click to Tweet)

  • "Watch interracial transactions carefully. Switch the roles and see how it looks." (Click to Tweet.)

  • "The road to becoming an anti-racist is more difficult than marching down one." (Click to Tweet.)

  • “Three reasons why people give for their race based decisions are education, economics and class. They use these excuses for covering up any racism their perspectives might reflect.” 

  • “How many times do Blacks tell Jews what is or isn’t anti-Semitic? Would any of us allow “outsiders” to dictate the discussion on what constitutes anti-Italian, and anti- Irish, or anti-German bigotry? Yet when it comes to racism against Blacks, we not only enter into the conversation, we define and control the discussion itself!” 

  • “One thing led to another, propelling me to question my attitudes and actions more directly. In any given situation – at a counter, in my car, in a classroom – I examine what was happening, then imagined it with all racial roles reversed." 

  • "Whites have spent centuries building systems of control. We like to think of those systems as beneficial to all. But when those systems tell a ten-year-old black girl she must accept a white version of everything, from faith to flags to history, it matters."


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