I See Color Book Reviews

If this book doesn’t open white eyes to the struggle of African Americans, nothing will. Bob Pellegrino is a white male professional, and husband and father in an inter-racial marriage. He offers a unique perspective of the deep-rooted racism that is prevalent in our society today, supported by personal experiences. After reading this book, you will find yourself examining your daily activities and habits for signs of racism embedded in your subconscious. I read this cover-to-cover in two days.
— C. Amodio

I See Color is a very stimulating, intellectual piece about racism from a white perspective. The book is a quick, easy, educational, thought provoking read, causing you to be introspective and reflect back on all the things you can do to erase racism. Author Pellegrino reminds us that although we may think racism has diminished it is still prevalent in our society. I encourage all to read and enjoy this book, as did I.
— F. Carrano

Bob Pellegrino challenges white americans to look inward and face that facts that you unknowingly are a racist. I never would have considered myself a racist until I read his book. I’m a good white person and embrace having Blacks as friends and colleagues. The book unpacks those beliefs and demonstrates how genuinely good intentions are not necessarily for the common good of Blacks in America. More importantly, he gives solutions to those willing to look inward and change. It’s a great book and worth the read.
— K. Hutchinson

Whites who are honest about chellenging racism, and are willing to unlearn their racism, while enhancing their understanding of its causes and effects, should read this book and encourage others to do the same. In writing this long overdue book, Bob Pellegrino has done a great service to our society. His determination to save the souls of those belonging to the dominant culture is both timely and commendable. The work begins now.
— M. Jefferson

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